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  1. Who is AlterPoser?

    AlterPoser is a twenty-one year old female who favors designing graphics with Inkscape, believing that open source is the future. She believes in equality and openly supports the #LBGTQ community. She fights for the greatly misunderstood dog breed American Pit Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire, and other bully breeds. She dominates with the mentality that good inspirational dailies are a necessity. AlterPoser is the best of the worst.

    (and believe or not, she honestly 100% believes that SasuNaru is love.)

  2. What does AlterPoser mean?

    AlterPoser was a "nickname" "givin" to me by a "friend" of mine. Most people I know call me Ap for short. If I know you and you know me feel free to call me Ap. If you don't just call me AlterPoser ;) [Read more]

  3. Social Networks/Instant Messaging?

    Yes, I'm pretty much all over the Web. You can google AlterPoser. If the SN site has a unique URL then it's most likely AlterPoser. (i.e.,

    Same goes for usernames and IM's. 


  4. What are your tools of trade?

    Graphic/Web Design I use Inkscape, a free open sourced alternative to Adobe Illustrator. 

    Photo Editing I use GIMP, a free open sourced alternative to Adobe Photoshop.

    GIF Creating I use Photoscape, freeware.

    Video Editing and Recording I use Camtasia.

    Editing CSS & other code I use a combination of Firebug on Firefox and Notepad++.

  5. <3's

    Hot Cheetos, Helio, My Cousin, Christmas, SasuNaru, PL, Myspace,Youtube, Main St, Califas, LA, Watsonville, Tangas-MX, Bozing, Soccer,LA Lakers, Raiders, Friends, Memories, Fun Times, Stealers, Tech Club,Family, Movies, Music, Parties, Late Nights, Computer, Hope, MyApartment, The Crew, FindTheCrew, tickt, Cloudica, Penny-save, Webs,Chatting, Skype, Cell Phones, Texting, IRC, ##webs, #cloudica, Ning,Designing, Simkins, Chueh, Sims 1 2 & 3, Anime, Manga, Yaoi, Dr.Pepper, Root Bear, Orchata, Sangria, Driving, Bri, ;), XD, -_-, T_T, ICAN HAZ?, THE CAKE IS A LIE!!!, Portal, Bioshock, Tupac, Kanye West,Beatles, Trio Los Panchos, Twilight, etc...

  6. </3's

    Red, Asian Food, Hackers, Stalkers, Monopoly, Country Music, Red, North Siders, Gang Bangers, Ford's, Forums, Mac's, Red, Paint.NET, people who ask me for free designs with offering something as valuable in return, Red, LAPTOP LCD SCREENS, The Color Red, People Who Refuse To Play Pool With Me,  etc. . .

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  1. What do you think of my site/design?

    I think it's lovely, never seen anything better. It really is nice, honestly no joke, would I lie? i don't think so. Maybe it could use a little bit of revision, but what site couldn't?

    Trust me, my opinion doesn't matter, I'm an amateur not a professional. I'm nice so I don't want to hurt anyones feelings, so no matter how horrible I think your site or design really is I'm going to say that I like it. My job is to support you and make you feel good, not like crap. 

  2. Can you do/make this for free?

    No, sorry no matter how simple or easy it is I can no longer afford to offer casual work. 

    If I do some how do it for free, I must be credited in some way. This is a requirement, not a request.

    I do how ever offer a Causal Trade plan. It's pretty much "Need something? Wachu got for me in return?" No favors/I owe you's

  3. Do you work for

    Nope, as much as I would love to work for Webs I don't. It is nice that people assume this but I get that asked frequently and it becomes daunting after a while. I know many have suggested that I should but really it's not up to me. But I can say that I am a Mod/Guru/Champ for the community forums and Webs support. So feel free to Ask me 'Webs help' related Q's there!

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